How Using Facebook Could Inadvertently be Upsetting Your Friends

It’s easy to see how you could advertently upset people by misusing (or using if you’re that way inclined) the features made available by Facebook. There was also always a chance that you could do this accidentally, but there now seems to be a distinct possibility that upsetting people unintentionally may become a whole lot easier.

There’s a big hoo-ha at the moment regarding Facebook’s policy to lower organic reach percentages. Presumably this is in the hope that users will begin to pay / pay more to maintain previous levels of reach – or beyond. You may have noticed that for some time on some pages that we’re now being invited to “boost” posts. After editing a page’s aesthetics you might begin to be encouraged to “Finish Your Page Promotion” with an incentive, such as “If you complete your Page likes advert, for $10.00, you could get 10–41 people to like your Page every day”.

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Feeling left out?

People may begin to become upset if all of their friends are informed of an event when they weren’t – even though the information was posted for all to see. This has already happened to me, albeit in a mild way, when I was accused of not inviting a particular friend to a get-together. There was no danger of him not coming, as I texted him closer to the date to ask him if he was coming along. He claimed he knew nothing about it even though he is an avid Facebooker. Everyone else had spotted it, so should I attribute this to new policy?

The subject of my last article on this blog focused on other social media platforms catching up behind Facebook. How many of these will ask its user base to fund its stakeholders? How long will it be before we either all pay to maintain parity, or Facebook hits a wall?