Web Design & Development

The TrainStorm ethos is to keep things simple. We begin our design with the end user in mind in order to make sure that the site is as appealing to the intended audience as possible. We do this by analysing the likely site viewers so we can then create a cutting edge website that they feel comfortable visiting. Where the site is an online store we develop a database driven system that helps the site administrators to organise their products, customers and orders online.

App Design & Development

Something in the region of 80% of the UK adult population now own and regularly use a mobile smart device – and that’s not including all the children, who’d live on them if they could! Most of us download apps for shopping, comparing, socialising and playing, and the younger the device owner, the more likely they are to download an app rather than visit a website.

Apps aren’t cheap, but they offer vital opportunities for exposure and sales. Games can be a great way to grab attention and build brand awareness, trust and loyalty. A slick interface can push a product into the big leagues simply by being featured on App stores. If that’s not enough, wouldn’t it just be cool to have your own app anyway?

TrainStorm Media App Design & Development - iphone

We Build Our Websites to Look Good on All Devices

TrainStorm Media Mobile Friendly Websites
TrainStorm Media Web Design & Development

Unless specifically requested, TrainStorm Media design and develop all our websites to be fully responsive. This ensures that sites  look good on all devices, regardless of screen size or resolution. Websites that are now not mobile friendly are being severely rank penalised by the search engines. Happily TrainStorm Media fully responsive websites are Google’s best friends.

Social Media Campaigns

If your business is not active on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you stand to be missing out. These sites are now so firmly integrated within commercial, as well as personal culture that failing to have a presence is tantamount to being invisible. It takes a great deal of time and effort to plan and execute a social media campaign, but if it’s done right it could offer massive added value.

We offer training that could half the time that you spend carrying out your social media, as well as increasing its impact tenfold. Don’t worry though if you don’t have the time to run your own campaign, or if you’re not sure about the best way to go about it – we can take care of all of that for you.

Search Engine Marketing

Having a good looking mobile friendly website is great, but if it’s only ranking on page ten then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic, and therefore a lot of business. Many businesses pay through the nose for advertised placement on Google and other search engines. Once these monthly payments stop the site disappears down to page ten again. We can pretty much guarantee top page rankings for a fraction of the cost of advertised placement. We specialise in placing our clients’ sites on page one of the search engines by using organic techniques, giving the site valuable ‘ranking points’, which allows it to retain its ranking even if all our hard work suddenly stops. The site would slowly drop in the rankings however, as the search engines favour active websites, which is why we operate on a back-burner rate once the top rankings have been achieved.

How's Your Website Performing?

You probably know how your website is treating you. If it’s not as good as you think it should be, or as good as you think some of your competitors’ sites are treating them, give us a shout.

Web Hosting & Email

TrainStorm Media not only design, develop and build websites, we also host them. So together with our integral email packages, you’ll get a full web service. This leaves you to concentrate on your own business while we make sure your web presence ticks along nicely. Even our basic hosting and maintenance package ensures fast load speed, 99% site up time and offers a basic level of support. We also offer up to three free email accounts within the basic hosting package.

Branding & Logo Design

We all recognise some businesses simply by their logos. Most of the time this is due to mass marketing and perhaps even the quality of the service or product that they offer. It’s much less likely that anybody will remember a wishy-washy brand that consists solely of text or poor imagery. TrainStorm Media have developed some stunning brands that haven’t cost the Earth but have certainly given the businesses a much firmer foothold on the planet.

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