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We've spent years helping SMEs to plan marketing strategies, and we're still amazed how many companies still don't have a website, or even worse, have one that isn't fit for purpose. So does your business really need a website? In truth, every business needs a...

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Digital Immortality – Are You In? Part 2

  Last September, I wrote an article that looked at the advances that are currently taking place in the world of stem cell technology - Digital Immortality – Are You In?. One element being that according to Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering, an entire...

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Lunch in Salubrious Surroundings

Yesterday, a couple of us TrainStormers met up with a potential new client in Bradford (that's the UK version, not any of the US ones). After the meeting we found that our poor tummies were rumbling, so we set off in search of sustenance. Now,  Bradford is a city that...

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Focus on Boats 4 Cash

  Alex Kirby of AK Yachts has no problem selling his boats. What he does struggle with is finding enough boats to meet demand. This is where Boats 4 Cash comes in. TrainStorm Media is currently building Alex a shiny new AK Yachts website, and Alex had assumed that he...

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Hello Mozilla? Nobody at Home!

I think most developers would agree that any Internet browser's better than IE. I might be wrong, but actually, I have clients, such as accountants and sports coaches who have moved on to other options for preference. I personally moved onto Mozilla Firefox quite...

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Swallowing Frogs

Networking. Love it or hate it, or think that you hate it and realise that you don't actually hate it that much at all! I've recently started attending a very good networking event. The "We Mean Business" get-togethers at Bailiff Bridge in Yorkshire are extremely well...

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Practice What You Preach!

I recently had a meeting with a potential client who has since turned into a full-blown follower of TrainStorm Media - Halleluiah!! During the course of that preliminary meeting I stated the importance of asking for and acquiring LinkedIn recommendations. She...

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Hacking the Web

What do you do if someone actively breaks your product? Sue them? Reward them? George Hotz received both of these reactions from Sony and Google respectively. There have been many infamous techno-crooks over the years, from Kevin Mitnick’s phone phreaking antics to...

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Technical or Lay? Addressing an Audience

The thought of attending networking events usually fills me with mild dread, wondering whether all other attendees will be everyone-else-knowing veterans, thus setting me out as a must-not-be-allowed-in outsider. Even though I’m relatively chatty, I’m a polite type of...

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How Using Facebook Could Inadvertently be Upsetting Your Friends It’s easy to see how you could advertently upset people by misusing (or using if you’re that way inclined) the features made available by Facebook. There was also always a chance that you could do this...

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Look Over Your Shoulder Facebook

Did anyone ever imagine a day when the mighty Facebook might be threatened? But they must feel that they are! Their potential younger audience is being inveigled by the likes of Instagram and SnapChat, and Google are pressing for the rest of it. But Facebook saw off...

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Where does the Time Go?

Where does the time go? Not to all the things that we'd like, that's for sure. Personally, we've been meaning to get back into the habit of writing these blog posts on a regular basis. Unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose) we're so busy elsewhere, we just haven't...

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Digital Immortality – Are You In?

Could you imagine what it’d be like to have the body of a robot? Well if you can keep body and mind together for another thirty years or so you might get the chance to find out. According to Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering, a human’s entire mind could...

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Who’s Getting a Mozilla Smartphone Then?

As the title of this article might suggest, Mozilla have branched out into mobile communications by launching two gladiators into the smartphone arena. The two devices, the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire are powered by Mozilla's own operating system and...

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