Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper

Some of you might recognise the title of this article as one of the many catchphrases of the wonderful, late Tommy Cooper. He was a rather unique comic and magician whose tricks always went hilariously wrong, but miraculously worked just as he was putting them away – just in case we all thought that he didn’t really know what he was doing! What he’d have made of the new Google Glass, I don’t know; but I’m sure that any consequence that he could have come up with couldn’t rival what’s actually rolling out at the moment for the web giant.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass is described as a wearable computer. It straddles the bridge of the nose and rests on top of the ears … much like a pair of spectacles. That’s where the similarities end though, although it’s not inconceivable that it may in time become incorporated into prescription glasses or sunglasses. The device will ostensibly allow users to access the Internet, as well as to take photos and shoot snippets of film whilst going about their daily business. There’ll now be no need to even drag a mobile device out of one’s pocket or bag to find out the time or play a game!

The Google Glass may be the most anticipated piece of electronic gadgetry since the iPhone and iPad, but it may not see a retail outlet for many months to come … if ever!

What are the Implications?

Casinos and Google Glass

Casinos and Google Glass

Part publicity stunt and part precious-led logic, the Glass was banned by The 5 Point Café bar in Seattle, months before the device was even launched. The bar’s owner, Dave Meinert admitted that there was a gimmick involved with the ban, but stressed that his bar is “kind of a private place”, and as the Glass can be used obtrusively in an unobtrusive manner, well, “no entry” thanks!”

There are other implications too; Las Vegas casino owners have voiced their concerns over obvious card counting allusions; understandable driving fears; and bathroom / changing room connotations to list but a few. Technology is becoming increasingly invisible.

What do you think?

Google Glasses - the view

Google Glasses – the view

Will people win it big at the tables? Will they cause mayhem on the roads? Will relationships crash and burn? Surely we have the right to decide where our privacy starts and ends?

Are you the type of person who’s likely to don pair of lens-less frames with a tiny Minority Report-like computer attached to an earpiece? Google promotes Glass as “seamless and empowering”, now making it difficult to miss any chance encounter – in fact all that’s needed in order to take a picture is to wink.

Two thousand test versions have been released to developers with a further eight thousand due to be let loose on handpicked Google “explorers”. Would you like to be one of those eight thousand?

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