We’ve spent years helping SMEs to plan marketing strategies, and we’re still amazed how many companies still don’t have a website, or even worse, have one that isn’t fit for purpose.

So does your business really need a website?
In truth, every business needs a website! A website is a public bulletin board, which contains contact information, what you do, why you’re unique, and what’s going on in your company. It should be simple for existing and prospective clients to get in touch with you and easy to update.

Got Too Much Work Already?
But what if you’re currently in the enviable position of running at full capacity and are turning away clients. This means that you’ll be able to pick and choose your custom, and that you could feasibly ask more of a premium for your services, so getting even more inquiries will be beneficial.

A Younger Audience
As more younger people enter business market, they bring with them a more digital approach. A fully responsive website (a site that works properly on all devices) ensures that this new potential client base is fully engaged. Apps are even better, but we’ll leave that for a future article.

Keeping Up To Date
If you want to attract more new customers, or break in to new markets and take the market share from your competitors then a website is a must! The bottom line is that a website offers you a broader communications platform that allows you to broadcast to a wider range of clients or customers, and as part of a web marketing campaign, it enables you to be found easier, by many more people, even outside business hours.

Even if you don’t expect (or want) to show up at the top of the Google rankings, at least you have some validation after you hand out your business cards. A good website will prove that you’re a serious contender – a bad one will do you damage.

Does your company have a website? Is it responsive? Does it look good? Do you get many inquiries from it? Give us a call for a no obligation chat.