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Alex Kirby of AK Yachts has no problem selling his boats. What he does struggle with is finding enough boats to meet demand. This is where Boats 4 Cash comes in. TrainStorm Media is currently building Alex a shiny new AK Yachts website, and Alex had assumed that he could use this site as both a sales and purchase vehicle. Following our first meeting however, it became evident that the two entities are hugely different animals. The boats that Alex buys are generally quite run down and are therefore in need of a lot of TLC. Once the refurbishment and servicing is completed, the “as new” boats are ready to be snapped up by his queuing clients.

AK Yachts is shaping up nicely, and reflects the product, sporting a classy refinement that the yacht set would hope to expect. Boats 4 Cash on the other hand is a bit more work-a-day, operating with the motto that offers “a one stop shop for you to free up your finances”.

“Cash 4 Boats is a one stop shop for you to free up your finances”

Alex is passionate about boats, and has been a keen sailor ever since he could be trusted not to fall over the side (that’s from being a toddler, not from getting too drunk!). He operates from his office in York, Yorkshire, England, which is an ideal hub for travel anywhere within the British Isles, although he quite often travels into Europe and the Americas to buy and sell likely craft. Even though he has a team of people who work with him, Alex deals with every transaction personally. This ensures that every AK and B4C customer gets the best deal possible.

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The specifics of site requirements include past purchases, testimonials, and a quote section, which works as follows:

  1. A potential seller fills in the on-site form with details of the vessel that they wish to sell
  2. The information is swiftly reviewed and a prospective offer is made – this is usually within 24 hours
  3. Alex personally views the boat and makes a firm offer, which is generally very similar to the primary prospective offer, due to the specifications given on the form
  4. Money changes hands and Alex takes to boat away for refurbishment

This on-site quote form is essential to the quick turnaround of the B4C model, which allows the majority of transactions to be completed within ten days of initial contact. This process can take months when undertaken through more traditional brokers, proving why the Boats 4 Cash model is so successful.

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TrainStorm Media have also set up a social media network for Alex and both of his business arms, which he is keen to control himself. Since the launch of the Boats 4 Cash site, Alex has been busy, boasting an almost 200% increase in purchase offers. His main quandary now is whether to keep the best ones for himself or sell them on to his hungry clients!

We’ll continue to review the site’s traffic, usage and feedback over the coming months, but in the meantime, if you’d like to comment on the site’s design or functionality, please either leave a comment here, or email Boats 4 Cash directly through their website.

Chris Gray,