Yesterday, a couple of us TrainStormers met up with a potential new client in Bradford (that’s the UK version, not any of the US ones). After the meeting we found that our poor tummies were rumbling, so we set off in search of sustenance. Now,  Bradford is a city that is renowned for its multi-cultural population and cosmopolitan cuisine. Most notably though, Bradford is known for its quality Indian and Pakistani restaurants. I’ve been to a great many of the cities “curry” spots, but there was one in particular place that I really wanted to visit yesterday – the International – really good curries, really good service and really reasonable prices.

The Bradford Club

The Bradford Club – Entrance (look out for it)

My friend Peter works in the city as manager of The Bradford Club, so I rang him to see whether he’d have the time or inclination to join us. Unfortunately the staff of this salubrious city centre club were busy with their lunchtime trade, whilst gearing up for a large evening event that they were hosting, so Peter declined the invite. He did however ask if we’d like to bob in to the club and have a spot of lunch there. We did.

We put our curry desire on the back burner and enjoyed a very different experience indeed. Tucked away down a charming little back lane, the club was built in the early 19th century and is as imposing as a private members club built in that time would suggest. Designed for, and patronised by the textile barons who forged the city into one of the world’s most successful textile hubs, The Bradford Club retains links with other private member clubs throughout the UK (and possibly the world – I’ll have to check up on that!), which enables members to visit and use the facilities of these prestigious establishments whenever they visit the cities in which they’re located.

Anyway, back to the lunch that we were offered, which was top notch. Perfectly (melting) cooked fish and steak pie were more than enjoyed, and a couple of refreshing pints washed it all down nicely. We were really impressed with the food, the service (a bit weird, being that it was my friend who waited upon us, but hey!) and the surroundings. That’s why I’m writing this article. The Bradford Club is possibly Bradford’s best kept secret. Get yourselves up and pay them a visit, whether it’s for a big event or seminar, a meeting with a client, or simply to enjoy a lunch in a fantastic, different environment, as we did.

As for the curry … I’m sure we’ll find another excuse to squeeze that in another day :o)

The Bradford Club

Chris Gray

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