Most people in business now realise the importance of social media and use it (sometimes) religiously. It can be a powerful tool for generating awareness in a brand, but it can also act as a double-edged sword. A company is sometimes gauged on its social media output, and many businesses either portray the wrong image, or have even ceased to post fresh content so long ago that a potential client might be excused for assuming that the company has shut down. Either scenario can be crippling for a business.

Putting the right image forward on social media can be a time-consuming affair, when perhaps it needn’t be. Not all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc) need to be used by every company. Indeed, it often happens that several platforms are just not relevant in some cases. We specialise in optimising both the time spent using social media (through our bespoke training sessions) and the effectiveness of posts, allowing you to concentrate on managing your growing business, which is, after all what you’re all about isn’t it?

We’re offering a two-month, half-price trial of our social media service, that will improve your online social reputation, your following on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (but only those that we identify as useful to your business), and, as a result, your bottom-line.

Our Step by Step Plan

  1. We’ll meet with you initially so that we can understand your business goals, and identify your target audience. We’ll also discuss the type and level of content that will be used so that you’ll be happy with what we plan to do for you.
  2. We can either set you up with new social media accounts, or adapt, optimise and manage what you already have.
  3. We’ll increase your social media followers organically (and that’s important), locally, nationally, and / or internationally, dependant upon your specific business model.
  4. We’ll boost your reach and engagement with existing customers and potential target audience.
  5. We’ll meet with you to review progress after both the first month and the second month. This will enable us to check that we’re working along the right track.

We’ll report back regularly and discuss things like followers and percentage growth rates with you, but we know that the bottom line with your company is all about the interest shown, and the increase of business that comes as a result, so we’ll focus primarily on that.

After your first month’s half-price trial period ends, we’ll sit down with you and review what we’ve done and how we should proceed; it’s entirely up to you whether you continue onto the second month, but this will be half-price too. By the time the two-month trial is finished and your third month is about to start (your choice), we’re confident that you’ll see the benefits of our service and will want to carry on building your social reputation, your following, and your profits as a result.

Get in touch with us now to discuss how you’d benefit from this two-month, half-price social media management trial.