Have you got a Facebook page? A LinkedIn business page? A Twitter profile? Brilliant! It’s easy to set these up – less easy to keep up to them with cogent, interesting and engaging content, but it shows you’ve at least thought about your web presence. You might even be listed on one or more of the multiple web directories that are dotted across the internet, but unless you have a centre of web operations, an internet base, an online HQ, you may risk being taken seriously. I know that sounds harsh, but a website gives off an air of permanence that the social media platform profiles just don’t offer. Please tell me if you think I’m wrong here, but I know that checking their website is the first thing that I do when I meet someone new in business, and if there’s no site I start to scratch my head a little.

Unlike a Facebook page, your website brands you as uniquely you and reveals your identity. The good news is that having those social media platforms and other listing services will enhance and empower your new website. All those links firing in from Facebook et al will drive more traffic to your site and put you one step ahead in the web marketing game.

Think about it. If a visitor is looking for cakes on Facebook and finds five listings close to home, that visitor is going to go “one click further” and click to visit the cake one who has a website. When faced with a list, people always want to know more, and a link to a website gives them that opportunity.

One last point, and it’s an important one. You have control over your own website; all of the social media platforms, and Facebook in particular are always moving the goalposts to make sure there’s more money for them, and less exposure for you! It can be really frustrating when you’re flying along all of a sudden to disappear.

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